Our Client Services Team will determine the diversion-point for your service on our system at set up. They can also help with questions that you might have.

Getting Started

When can I start using the service?
When you complete the Service Application you will receive a confirmation with your unique SERVICE REFERENCE number for the account. Client Services will then set up your service during business hours and contact you. As soon as you receive your diversion number, it’s ready to use 24x7.
What about 1300 numbers?

If you want one, we can provide a portable national number and anchor this to your screen. If you have one, the diversion point on our system is where you need to point your 1300 number for us to answer these calls.

What about after hours?

Normally after hours we would simply take a message for you.

How many lines can be diverted to my service?

You can send landlines, mobiles and national numbers to your diversion point. It doesn’t matter how many, but remember that all calls to the one diversion point will have the same greeting and the call handling instructions should be in place to handle these calls.

What if I need a more complex service?

We also handle a range of other services in our Australian Contact Centre Network. If you require more complex call handling, please contact us for a quotation.


Can I be invoiced?

To keep costs down for your service we require pre-payment of your month’s plan by credit card. You will still get a tax invoice at the end of each calendar month that will show the plan cost for the month ahead and any excess calls from the previous month, which are billed in arrears.

When do you charge my credit card?

We charge for the month’s plan in advance; this will be immediately after setup in the first month, and on the first of the month thereafter. Excess calls will be charged in arrears along with the next month’s plan each month.

We reserve the right to charge your credit card prior to month end if your excess usage exceeds the plan allowance by over 100%, however, you will be notified by email prior.

What if I want to change plans or services?

Please advise us in writing and Client Services will make any screen changes for you and notify Accounts.

How can I cancel the service?

Cancellations should be advised in writing. Notification of cancellations must be received before the last day of a calendar month or else the next month’s plan will be charged.

The service will be live on our system (and can be used) for the remainder of the month. If there are any excess charges at month end, these will be debited to your credit card on the first of the next calendar month after which all charges will cease.