1. Select the service you want

SERVICE FEATURES Message Express My Reception
Your calls answered LIVE by our operators 24 x 7
Collect Caller’s details – name, company, phone, short message
Collect additional details – up to 3 extra swipe fields  
Messages sent via email and/or SMS to single address or mobile
Messages selectively sent to up to 3 email and/or mobiles  
Call transfers to up to 3 numbers (caller announced, one attempt or message sent)  

2. Select your Monthly Plan All prices are shown ex GST.

Please tick if you require a 1300 number for your business.
Note – Message delivery costs and 1300 numbers are charged as extras (see pricing)
Message Express Message 15 Message 40 Message 80 Message 160
Included Calls 15 40 80 160
Excess Calls (each) $2.20 $2.10 $2.00 $1.90
Monthly Plan ex GST $30 $75 $150 $300
Select this plan*

My Reception Reception 15 Reception 40 Reception 80 Reception 160
Included Calls 15 40 80 160
Excess Calls (each) $3.20 $3.05 $3.00 $2.90
Monthly Plan ex GST $48 $120 $240 $480
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Your calls answered 24x7 on our Network.

3. Enter your business and contact details

Company Contact

Some standard contact information is normally available to agents answering your calls and may be given out upon request. Please mark NFP against any details that are NOT to be disclosed and these will not appear on your screens.


(How we can contact you - not to be given out to callers.)

Operational Contact

Accounts Contact

4. Tell us how to handle your calls

5. Client Declaration

The Authorised person lodging this Service Application.

I agree to the Terms & Conditions under which this service is provided.

6. Payment and Service Commencement

Credit Card prepayment of services

These services require prepayment by credit card. Billing is based on a calendar month. Plan fees will be charged to your credit card prior to commencement of service. Excess usage charges will be billed in arrears along with next month’s plan fee on the first business day of the month, and your call log report and tax invoice will be emailed to you at this point.

We reserve the right to charge your credit card prior to month end if your excess usage exceeds the plan by over 100%, however, you will be notified by email prior.


Notification of cancellation of the service must be received prior to the first of the month or else the next month’s plan will be charged.

Commencement Date

The service will commence immediately upon set up.

Upon entering your credit card details a unique SERVICE REFERENCE number will be generated and you will receive confirmation that your Service Application has been received. Client Services will then contact you to advise your diversion number on our system and that your service is ready to use.

Overview of Terms and Conditions

  • All plans must be paid in advance (excluding excess call charges, which are billed in arrears). If an account is not in credit, the service may be suspended.
  • Reception.net.au will always aim to provide the best service possible but cannot be responsible for any indirect or consequential loss arising from the service;
  • The account will not be used for any illegal or anti-social purposes, including obscene, abusive, fraudulent or otherwise unacceptable purpose.

For the full terms and conditions, please refer to our website.